What makes us Nova Host?

We are a completely custom team that brings you the best experience. Our owners have an extensive knowledge of both management and website development. We use this to make us who we are!

Meet The Team

Here is what Makes Nova Host Run

DrPig | CEO

Hi there! I am the CEO of Nova Host. The main reason I️ started this company was so everyone could enjoy quality hosting for an affordable price. This along with my passion for technology laid the foundation for Nova Hosting. All my free time goes to Nova trying to make it the best it can possibly be.

Diced | COO

Hi! I am the COO of Nova Host and I am proud to be the COO of Nova Host. I joined the team to gain the expirence of co owning a hosting company and hopfully in the future, have my own hosting company. I am also a web developer with other companies in my name and i am happy that Nova Host is partially one of them!

Austin | CFO

Hi there! I am Austin, a minecraft development expert. I work at Nova Host to bring the best quality minecraft hosting and support to you guys! I'll devote all my time here, can't wait to see this sky rocket off into a good host!

Parker | CMO

Hello :), My name is Parker and I am the CMO here at Nova Host. I make sure people know about our awesome services here at Nova Host and I also help handle finding partnerships. My DMs are always open just message me on discord if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon!